KickAsh is free, confidential, and makes quitting smoking more bearable.

We know it isn’t easy, and it isn’t fun to quit smoking, and that’s why we want to help! Stay motivated with tips, tricks, and encouragement from other quitters. Distract yourself with only the elitist of cat gifs. Remind yourself what nastiness is happening to your body in the health section. We have the tools, you just need to embrace them!

We won’t make you go it alone, either. When using the online tool just isn’t enough, hit up one of our quit smoking coaches. You use the HelpLine number to call a coach, or you can bring it into this century and send them a chat message. They have the extra support you need to keep up the quit. Remember, you don’t have to feel pressured to quit right away, or go cold turkey. We all know it doesn’t work that way and it just is not that easy. We’re here to get you in the right direction so you can eventually start on the road to smoke-free living.


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